ONE: Crate & Barrel’s Pie Box is my number one must have for Thanksgiving Day. Oh my goodness this box is adorable! Not only does it make a great presentation, it also adds an “old fashion” vibe to your table. This pie box is also the ideal hostess gift if you are having your Thanksgiving dinner at family or a friend’s home! Photo via Crate & Barrel

TWO: My second must have is the STAR of the day! Yes, the Turkey. Besides having a clever URL that I love: gobble gobble dot com, this Texas based company, Greenburg Smoked Turkey, Inc. will ship anywhere in the United States, is affordable and has been recognized by media outlets such as Oprah Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly to name a few. Photo via Greenburg Smoked Turkey

THREE: Add a little fancy to your kitchen with these Raised Bloom Whisks. Anthropologie’s whisks are available in three sweet colors and will help you make your side dishes and desserts a little more fun! Photo via Anthropologie

FOUR: When you wake up to a house full of family you may not have as much time in the bath as you would like and if it’s early morning you probably have growling tummies to feed. With Target’s endless PJ selection you can climb out of bed with ease, brush your teeth and shuffle to the kitchen for breakfast in your cozy and playful pajamas, without looking schleppy until you have time to dress for the day! Photo via Target

FIVE: Thanksgiving Day is notorious for not only being thankful but also for filling your belly! If your Thanksgiving meal is served promptly at noon then a light breakfast should be suffice. However, if you are not serving your meal until late afternoon or evening then a selection of snacks should be set out for your family & friends to enjoy. In 2013 I wrote a blog about winter snacks: CLICK HERE for a few ideas! Photo via my blog: Dream Design Dwell

I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!  What are your top MUST HAVES for Thanksgiving Day – I’m always looking for new ideas!

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