Are you thinking about updating your kitchen or perhaps you have the luxury of building your dream home and are working on the design of your kitchen!?! Mixing cabinetry finishes and counter tops has gained major popularity in the last few years! Not only does it create a custom look, but at times it can actually be an advantage to your design budget! I personally love this look because it adds character to your kitchen plus it can look as if you placed a piece of furniture in your kitchen – for example, if your island is stained in a dark color and your cabinetry is either white or a lighter stain, then the island pops and literally looks like a piece of furniture has been set in the center of your kitchen! If you want to take the mix of design up a notch then consider also installing a different countertop on top of the island than in the rest of your kitchen counter space! Mixing cabinet finishes and different countertops does take extra thought and planning, however if done correctly, your kitchen –  one of the main rooms used in every home – will be the ultimate conversation piece and entertaining space amongst your family and friends!

***Fun Fact: All of the photos in this post are kitchens from my Real Estate Listings!***

I’d love to hear from you! Tell me about your great design ideas in the kitchen!

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