Besides being excited about setting new goals for 2016 I am in LOVE with the home design trends this year! Seriously, they are amazing and I am happy to share the TOP FIVE with you! You can incorporate all five trends into your home décor as they will work beautifully together or you can choose one or two trends to add to your current home design.

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Every year Pantone creates a new color palette. Everyone from the Fashion Houses to the Car Industry and Interior Designers plan their color choices according to what Pantone has predicted. Here are Pantone’s choices for 2016:

Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2016: (watch my webisode above for more details & visuals on ALL TOP 5 Trends!)

  1. Snorkel Blue  – This blue comes from the navy family.  I personally think this color is here to stay.  Some of the other Pantone colors for 2016 are striking but may be “out” in a few years. As Heidi Klum says, “One day you’re In & the next day you’re Out!” Snorkel Blue is a color that can be used for years to come no matter how you choose to style it! Pantone says Snorkel Blue “implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape.” Hello – I’ll sign up for that!

  1. Bold GeometricsAdd modern dimension to a room with bold geometrics. No matter if your style is very traditional or ultra modern, geometrics shapes will quickly bring your space into 2016!

  1. Mixed MetallicsGone are the days of using all gold, all silver, or all bronze!  Just like we see mixed metals in jewelry, the same goes for your home! Now let’s go break the old fashion rules & Mix It Up!  

  1. Bring the Outdoors InsideBring a touch of the outdoors inside by using graphic prints, plants & flowers (real or not) or anything that reflects nature.  If you live in an area of the country that is overflowing with beautiful natural elements like leaves, drift wood or pinecones – bring those natural beauties inside and display them!

Sustainable MaterialsWe can all live a more sustainable life! Taking small steps by investing in products that save and generate energy, use less water and reduce waste during their production will make a difference in our planet! For example: all the products in the photos below are from Ikea.  They are 100% cotton, can be tossed in the washer and were produced in a more sustainable way.

I’d LOVE to hear from YOU!  How have you added these top home design trends into your home?  I’m always looking for new ideas! Leave me a note below or send me a photo (see social media below)!!!

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