The Winter Season means something different to everyone!  Maybe you are looking forward to January 1st when you can start fresh with new goals or perhaps your kiddos will be home for two to four weeks for winter break.  Maybe you celebrate Hanukah or Christmas and are looking forward to entertaining family and friends or you simply love to cuddle up by the fire during the plummeting temperatures … or if you are like me who grew up in Northern Texas where it snows and freezes but you now live in Southern California you find any excuse to light a fire and buddle-up in a cozy blanket and create your own winter!

Over the next eight blog posts I will list the top eight items to have to make your home ready for Winter 2013!  No matter if you just want to have your home ready for yourself and a couple friends or if you are having a huge winter bash these eight items will leave your home memorable and inviting!


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